Best Data recovery Software for MacBook Air

Data is that crucial part of anything that it needs to be kept safe. But there are times when you accidentally delete the necessary data. No matter how to save and secured Apple Mac is supposed to be, there is always a chance to lose all your data in a go. However, now you do not have to worry anymore as developers have come up with amazing data recovery software that can make your data more strong and avoid the problem to re-write what you have lost. So, now let us talk about some of these stunning software that can recover your data even after the loss.

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Here are different recovery software that works with their own norms and contain different capabilities. Let us go through the list.

Disk Drill to recover data

An easy to use software, Disk Drill comes in many versions including the basic which is free and pro that is more advanced and paid. As it is observed that the software is quite an easy task to complete as it does not require any technical knowledge to operate, also it comes with a tutorial to teach everything. Apart from it, the software can be used widely to recover data from Kindle, iPad, and iPod. The software comes with preview option that allows you to look at the files to require avoiding unnecessary ones. Furthermore, the soft scans the recovered as well as the other data on the computer in order to avoid any difficulty.

After all the best thing about the software, its interface can be termed as not being straightforward. Also, in order to bring out the best from the software, the pro version is the best way to use it.

iSkysoft data recovery

iSkysoft can be considered an ideal software for Macbook as far as data recovery is concerned as it comes with a beautiful interface and works really efficiently. As soon as you launch the software, you will notice a tile-like interface that showcases the available data recovery. Apart from it, it comes with an intuitive structure which is easily understandable. Also, the software is easy to use as there is no need to know any technically advanced knowledge as it has few easy steps to be followed in order to recover the data.

The only negative that can be noticed is the price of the software as it is not a free software. But you have to lose something to have the best.

MiniTool power software for data recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

As the name suggests, the software is meant to be used only in one and is capable to restore the data with a size of up to 1GB. However, this comes in various editions such as personal, commercial, enterprise, and technician. It can recover data of images, media, and documents from MacBook and other similar storage devices.

However, it may be capable only for the recovery with short sizes, it can be termed as an essential part of the recovery software for MacBook.

EaseUS Wizard for data recovery

ease us data recovery mac

EaseUS Wizard can be termed as another awesome recovery software as it can recover data from hard drive, SD card, digital cameras, memory card and other devices. Apart from looking at the data recovery from deleted items, it can also work for the recovery of corrupted files and data. However, it can work widely on almost any kind of data that may include media, photos, images or even the documented files.

The software comes in three different versions free (up to 2GB data storage), pro and unlimited and have the respective price tags associated.

Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery

Another amazing data recovery software, Stellar Phoenix supports all the advanced versions of Macbook and bring back all the lost photographs, files, documents and everything you were looking for. This can help you recover data even from a crashed and corrupted drive that may contain deleted files. Also, it can detect the data of another device connected to the MacBook computer. In order to recover data, it scans the entire drive and supports various filesystems.

As it involves various supports, the process of recovery can appear a bit confusing but in order to cover it up, the software offers help to address the issues.

Data Rescue 5

data rescue 5

As we talk about data, it is not only limited to the documents and important files but also comprises of media. So, if you looking for the software that takes care of just the photos and videos part, Data Rescue 5 is the thing you want. It simply scans the data before recovery from the hard disk of the MacBook. Along with it, the software deletes the unnecessary files as well. In addition, the Clone feature of the software protects the original drive by creating a replica of the existing drive which is then use it to delete and scan files.

If you want to experience the pleasure of unlimited data recovery, you need to have the annual subscription.

Tenorshare recovery software for MacBook

data recovery for mac tenorshare

Tenorshare is known to recover any data of your Apple computer that includes photos, media, documents or even emails that can be recovered from the hard drive. It also works with the advanced versions of the MacBook as well. Even if you are connected to any other device through USB, the software is capable to scan and detect it. Furthermore, the software allows a step by step directions that provide you tips and suggestions to be followed during the process. As far as the interface is concerned, the software gives an understandable and intuitive interface which makes the process easier.

However, the free backup software does not create any log file for the recovery process. Like much efficient software, Tenorshare also comes with a price tag on it.

Wrapping up

Now you do not have to worry about the data recovery for your MacBook as this software will never leave you the chance of tension caused due to data loss.

If you’re looking for a windows backup software, I recommend Backup-utility tools.

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