Addictive/infinite Top Free Games For macOS MacBook

Games are the obsession for most of the people around the world. After all, it is a way to escape the reality and be lost in the virtual world. To all the freak gamers, it may be hard for you to get amazing games for your laptops especially when it comes to MacBook. However, there are a number of games available on Mac Store which can give you the satisfaction without even spending a penny. So, let us have a look at some of the magnificent games available for free.

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Top FREE MacOS Games

Alpine crawler

Games are always fun to play but when it comes to tracking drivings, it is quite a funny thing as you go through a lot of ups and downs. Controlling the truck on the way to end it quite difficult yet fun. This is something anyone can play and enjoy the game for free.

Beneath a steel sky

You may be a big Sherlock Holmes fan but how about solving your own case with simple select and click game. Well, to be able to control your detective case, Beneath a steel sky is an amazing option as it is an old game with its own charm of science fiction. It can be said as the upgraded version of 1994 version game which is reworked to be operated in MacBook.

Doodle Hangman free

For all the players who want to improve their vocabulary, Doodle Hangman is the game for you as it can help you learn more English words. It is a fun game yet also improve your intelligence. The game comes with different websites that can provide you solutions to the words you are stuck at. So, try to figure out multiple words in order to save the hanging man.

Fistful of frags

Cowboys with rifles may seem fascinating to you. So, what if you got to experience the cowboy fight as the first person? Now, you can make it come true with Fistful of Frags as it comes with amazing graphics with surroundings of the wild west. With FoF, you can experience the old weapons such as pistol, rifle, or shotguns.

League of legends

As the name suggests, the game carries amazing graphics and is meant for the people who are more freak of battle games. You just have to control the champion and fight with other champions online with different levels. It seems an easy game in the beginning but as soon as you gain experience you can see the difficulty in the game. It is a great game for competitors.

Starcraft 2: Starter edition

Starcraft is a favorite game for a lot of gamers and people can now use the upgraded version for free on their MacBook. All you have to do is control different races with different weapons, crafts, and abilities. Also, it allows you to fight with other players online as it is an amazing multiplayer game. Enjoy your fight with one or two other races and have fun in the battle.

World of Warcraft

Looking for another addictive game? Well, worlds of Warcraft is another option for you as it is meant for the people who love to play battle and war games. The game is played with multiple players who choose their own characters to fight the war together. However, there is a limitation as it is free for only up to level 20.

Wrapping up

With so many options available, you dont have to spend a lot of money just to have fun on your MacBook. So, download such amazing games and enjoy your gaming experience for free.

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