How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro and Air

Have you ever faced a situation where you feel like resetting your system all over again?

This may be possible because of some virus or no proper functioning of the system or you may sell the laptop to the other person and want to remove all your data. In such scenarios, there arises a need to reset your system from its core settings.

It may seem difficult in your new MacBook but it is not that hard to take the help of a professional. So, here are some of the ways to factory reset your MacBook with simple steps.

Things to keep in mind before the factory reset.

  1. before resetting your MacBook, the first step would be to create a backup of every important file on a hard drive. This is because when you factory reset the system, everything data will disappear even if it’s in a hard drive.
  2. Also, you should deauthorize any third app on your MacBook. This may include iTunes or any other such app.
  3. Most importantly, you should log out your iCloud before anything. This is significant because every data of your iOS system is stored in that.

Steps to factory reset a MacBook.

erase macbook data

The process follows some simple steps given below.

  • First, you have to shut down your MacBook and then attach it to the AC adapter in order to boot the backup.
  • After that press and hold Command + R key together until the Apple logo appears on the black screen. This will take you t0 Mac OS X utility menu.

ctrl R

  • Through this utility menu, connect your system to wifi you are using via WiFi option. This will help it gather information from the Apple server in order to reset.
  • Furthermore, select ‘Internet recovery’ option or ‘OS X recovery’ option in the utility menu. Utility menu may vary according to the version of MacBook. This is where the difference lies between Pro and Air version.
  • These steps will take you to ‘Reinstall OS X’ option. Simply click on that and let your system reset.
  • As the system starts, it may ask you your Apple username and password. After that, it can download the latest version of the system along with all the standard programs even if they were preinstalled.
  • As the MacBook resets, it may ask for your Apple ID information. If you want to sell it, do not start the laptop with this information.

Wrapping up

Sometimes it becomes important to reset your system especially when you are planning to give it to another person. This may also protect you from various factors related to the working, data theft or identity misuse. So, with these easy steps, you can now reset your system more easily.

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