[New] Best Apps to Take Backups of your Macbook Data

You might be worried about losing your stuff stored in your MacBook Air.

However, keeping a backup of everything is more important than simply recovering the data after the loss. So, your Mac Air should have a backup of the data from time to time basis.

Out of a lot of applications available to keep your backup, here are some of the best apps that can keep a backup of your MacBook data. So, let’s go through the list.

Get BackUp Pro

Starting with getting Backup, it comes in different versions that could keep your data safe with different features. It follows certain steps to create and save backup that includes incremental and compression of data. It encrypts the files so that it can store as much backup as possible. It can also create backup automatically from iTunes, photos, e-mail, and other files. However, it also allows an easy execution as it keeps the files according to dates and time. Other than keeping the backup of your MacBook data, it can also work for deleting your unnecessary and old backup successfully.

Crash Plan


Like Get Backup, CrashPlan also comes with different versions that are for different purposes such as for home and for business. It automatically creates the backup for media and documents. For business purposes, it creates the backup that can be shared with up to 199 employees. As the name suggests, Crashplan is a recovery plan when you have a chance of drive crash and data storage failure. Even if you want to save the file a number of times during a day, Crashplan can allow that too. Apart from it, the app works with unlimited data storage along with the security of high technologies. So, with Crashplan, take time to utilize the most comprehensive online backup solutions.

Macbook BackuUp Guru

Mac Backup Guru

Macbook backup guru can be termed as one of the most trusted application as far as backup storage is concerned. Apart from offering features to store the backup, it allows you to test the application with either its product manual or through downloading the fully functional trial. Moreover, it works by creating a copy of everything that includes the files which are most difficult to be copied such as system folders. Also, it helps you to synchronize the data from the previous partial backup as it helps in the faster creation of the clone.


IDrive Mac main

The application is a gem for people who are looking for the backup creation of specific files as iDrive performs its function by considering the most critical folders and create the backup of such files the most. The drive, however, comes in different versions that are based on the size of storage. Its free version stores the data of up to 5GB and goes on till unlimited storage with increasing amount. As it is a tested application, it saves its entire backup in the cloud which is termed as safest for Apple users.

Time Machine

Time Machine

Just like Google drive, Time Machine can help you with your data as it allows you to keep your data on an external drive. By doing so, it protects the loss and keeps the data and media safe for a long time. As soon as you get to use Time Machine, you can forget about your data loss as it will take care of everything. By using Time Machine, you can also move your data from one device to another as you have the backup stored in it.


Wrapping up

As we discussed a number of applications to create the backup for your data, you can now work more freely with your MacBook. So, stay away from all the data related hassle as these applications can take of this.

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